How to Successfully Sell Clothes on eBay

Successfully Sell Clothes on eBay

eBay is a huge marketplace that provides entrepreneurs with online clothing business opportunities. Millions of clothes are on sale on the platform making the competition tough. An entrepreneur who intends to establish a clothing business on eBay has to go that extra mile to compete successfully and make money on the platform.

We provide you with valuable ways that will help you make money selling your clothes on eBay.

  • Deal in clothes on high demand

The first tip that will make you money on eBay is to look for clothes with high demand. Research to establish what kind of clothes are in high demand and have good profit margins and short supply. Try to avoid certain business ideas selling clothes online such as high return clothes. Good examples of high return clothes are bridal wear or tuxedos for men that may be worn only once for an event.

  • Describe your clothes accurately

When listing your clothes on the eBay platform, it is advisable that you describe the clothes accurately and comprehensively. Buyers want to know all about the cloth before committing to buy. Make sure to include fabric content in the description as some buyers may have allergies or sensitivities to particular fabrics. Some fabric allergies cause a runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing, while others like cotton may be sensitive to some people’s skin.

  • Measurements are helpful

Buyers on eBay just like for other platforms selling clothes online expect to see the measurements for the clothes so that they can be sure they are an excellent fit. If you do not provide the measurements, buyers won’t bother asking for them. Instead, they will simply move on to the next seller.

  • Increase sells by displaying your clothes on a mannequin

When clothing appears on a mannequin, it helps the buyers not only to see how the cloth fits but also how the pattern looks. Full-size mannequins though expensive, when compared to torso plastic mannequins, will give astounding results.

  • Use high-quality Photography

Buyers visiting platforms selling clothes online want to see all the parts of the items that they are buying before they decide to buy. One way of satisfying them is the use of 360 degrees photos. The buyer should be able to see the front, back and any other exciting features of the cloth.

  • Generous return policy

The return policy that you give to your buyers will impact on whether they buy from you or not. Buyers may be afraid to buy from you if you don’t allow them to return clothes if they don’t fit. You can allow a longer duration of 30 days but make sure you also include a disclaimer to the effect that the item must return in its original condition.

Others would be including the brand name because eBay is a search engine based platform and as such buyers can be able to search and find your clothes. Also, including washing instructions can influence people to buy from you.


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