Buying and Selling Clothes, Accessories, and Home Decor Products Online

Buying and Selling Clothes

E-commerce platforms are quickly replacing the brick and mortar stores owing to factors such as convenience, better prices, and variety. There are various online clothing business opportunities that you can easily venture to sell your used clothes and accessories. After you settle on the appropriate opportunity, you have to decide whether to build a website for selling your clothes online or take advantage of the available e-commerce platforms.

Here are the leading platforms selling Clothes Online

  • eBay is a solution to all your business ideas selling clothes online

eBay is among the leading platforms where you can buy and sell your clothes, jewelry, art, fashion as well as all your home décor products. The goodness with eBay is that it’s easier to sign up, setup and begin selling without prior experience. Another reason why many people turn to eBay is that they have inbuilt buyers so that you can quickly sell your clothes without marketing as long as your price is fair and you use the appropriate keywords.

  • ASOS Market Place for online clothing business opportunities

ASOS Market Place is another great platform where you can easily sell your clothes fast. The platform takes only ten percent commission on the sale price. ASOS Market Place does not concentrate on designer clothes; rather, they focus on edgy used and retro fashion.

  • SnobSwap is a great platform selling clothes online

If you have a huge collection of clothes which you do not use anymore, you can sell them easily at SnobSwap marketplace. It is also an ideal online platform for buying used clothes as well. As their name suggests, they also allow you to swap clothes. Meaning, if you have a dress and identify say a skirt that you’d really like to have, you simply swap your dress for the skirt.

  • Shop Hers

Shop Hers is a leading designer website where you can buy and sell your clothes. The site authenticates every item that you buy from them. Shop Hers makes it easier for you to get the right clothes by matching you with girls who have the same measurements as you.

  • The RealReal

RealReal features a great design that makes it easier to navigate around and locate the clothing you desire. Like Shop Hers, they also authenticate each piece that they send to you. The RealReal is the platform where you can sell fast, and they only take thirty percent of the sale price.

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